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Appalachian State Athletics Announces 2019 Parking Update

Initial plans for game day parking for 2019 are being finalized for those impacted by the P3 housing construction project taking place in the Stadium Lot. Yosef Club members with current Stadium Lot parking will have the opportunity to request their 2019 parking location in conjunction with their 2019 season ticket and Yosef Club renewal packets.

Yosef Club members with current Stadium Lot parking spaces will have the opportunity to request their 2019 parking space options, which will be allocated at the culmination of the season ticket renewal process on April 30, 2019. Spaces in each lot will be individually numbered, and a minimum contribution of $2,500 annually to the Yosef Club will be required to receive assigned parking in these locations. Available request options consist of:

1. Request to park in the Champions Lot behind the Mark E. Ricks Athletics Complex

An additional 80-100 surface lot spaces on the location where tennis courts currently sit will be added to the current 70 spaces in the Champions Lot for a total of 150-170 surface spaces. 

2. Request to park in Eggers/Bowie Lot or rooftop of the new parking deck

The Eggers/Bowie Lot consists of 40 surface parking spaces, and the rooftop of the new parking deck consists of 158 rooftop spaces for a total of 198 surface spaces.

3. Request to park in the new parking deck within a short walk to Kidd Brewer Stadium to be completed in August of 2019

The new parking deck will consist of 478 spaces, including 320 within the deck.

4. Request to park in alternate surface lot

Remaining spaces in available surface lots will be allocated to those who request this option and could include the Justice, Duncan, Raley, Music and Holmes lots.

Yosef Club members will have the opportunity to improve their membership level and lifetime giving with gifts and pledges during the 2019 membership renewal process. Requests will be based on availability and fulfilled by a combination of current Yosef Club membership giving level and lifetime commitments and gifts in support of athletics. 

Remaining parking lots will receive first right of refusal on their current parking space for active accounts that meet required Yosef Club membership minimums for their designated lots.
Appalachian State Athletics is working to create additional surface parking spaces in and around the stadium, and once the softball facility is moved to Appalachian 105, additional surface spaces could become available in that location.

As work progresses on the parking deck, we are also planning for construction to begin on the first phase of residence hall construction and the North End Zone Project. These projects will positively transform the university and also enhance the long-term fan experience for App State Football.
Questions and feedback are welcomed by contacting the Yosef Club by phone at 828-262-3108 or via email at

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What will the Yosef Club parking opportunities look like during and after construction?
A: Construction impacts will be ongoing during the 2019, 2020 and 2021 seasons. While we don't know full specifics at this time, we expect construction to have progressed significantly by the 2019 and 2020 seasons. We continue to plan for contingencies to mitigate the impacts and preserve Appalachian's outstanding game day atmosphere.
Q: How will Yosef Club members receive parking allocations in the future?
A: Construction impacts are likely to be felt into the 2021 season, and parking will be reviewed annually. We will determine priority allocation using a combination of annual Yosef Club membership giving level and lifetime commitments and gifts in support of athletics.
Q: How can I learn more?
A: Yosef Club members and season ticket holders can expect periodic updates as more information on construction impacts and the timeline are known. We welcome your thoughts and feedback! Contact the Yosef Club at 828-262-3108 or
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